Side Note: Secret Santa

Well, Secret Santa has been a spice added to the Christmas season to make the act of giving presents more mysterious and cheeky. Apparently this year is a great year to catch up amongst the 5 of us!

So for this year, I’m a Secret Santa to… *drum rolls*

This lucky fella:

Now, what do you do for a friend of 11 years? C’mon. 11 year is a long time.
An iPod? Nah, too expensive.
A handwritten note? Too cliche.


Before we even move on to the gift, I wanna thank God for this guy.
He is a role model. A leader. An amazing friend.
We both know God is going to use you greatly in 2017.
Continue to serve Him with that passion of yours bro!
So what to get for such an amazing guy? An amazing gift of course.


You’re welcome Geoff. Love ya.

And now, my Secret Santa was…

This lucky fella:

And what can better than receiving one gift?
3. Or 6. depending on how you count.
Okay, 3 pair of gifts. Ya. That’s it. 3 pair.

I guess my feet is gonna stay warm from now on with this during services!
Thank you so much Miss Tham!

Of course, wanna thank God for this bunch of crazy people with the jokes, the suppers and just the stupid things we do.

Stay cute,  stay blessed guys!


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