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So how many of you guys went to Google “What is Donald Duck’s middle name?” HAHAHAHA

Well, how I got to find out his middle name was, intitially, I was having trouble thinking of something engaging to put as the excerpt for this particular post and I happen to recall this:

You know Chandler? As in Muriel. As in Muriel Bing? Remember earlier in the season he asked someone, not sure if it was Rachel or Phoebe, that Donald Duck never wore pants. But when he came out of the shower, he always have a towel around his waist.

Obviously I wanted to put that in. However I thought to myself, does he have a middle name? So I went to Google that and guess what. He is the only major Disney character with an official middle name. Cool fact right??

Thanksgiving #1

Apparently today has been…how do I put it…magical for me. It started before my day even start. Okay, hold on, don’t get lost on me. I’ll bring you there. Slowly.


Thanksgiving #2

So for the secon.. JUST KIDDING.
*ignore this entire part please, just a joke.*

Well, you got the jist of it. So my day started out amazingly. Beginning with me opening my eyes, waking up.

“Why so bright” “Wa, siao liao”
Was my first six words of the day. Sorry God.

When I look at the timing, it’s exactly 9:30AM. I start work at 10:30AM. Which happens that I needed roughly an hour to wash up, shower, change, walk to the bus stop, take a bus, walk to my office.

So pretty much want to thank God for waking me up like this. In a much deeper scale, here’s why God is so amazing. I’ve been sick since yesterday and I slept pretty late, as in 3AM late.

And all I ask from God was some rest till I wake up, whilst setting the alarms from 810-850am – 10mins interval for each alarm. What happened? 2 things happened.

#1. Alarm
None of them rang. But they were still shown as “On” in all the timing set for the alarm.

#2. That “Press The Snooze Button” Screen
You know when your alarm goes off and the green icon of all that is good and holy shows up indicating “SNOOZE”? And you know if you don’t do anything about it, that will still stay there till your next alarm goes off?

Of course you don’t. You will always hit that snooze button!

But what is intriguing is that, there was no snooze screen when I woke up. I just saw that big iPhone clock screening “09:30”. Which means, no alarm went off.

How is God not real in this scenario! Simply amazing and yet beautiful to see God showing little signs of care for His people. Well, really thank God giving me an extra hour of rest, for waking me up in the most subtle way and bringing me to work safely and on time!

And yea, for healing my flu. Really needed that today.

Love you God. You best. You gem.


#Thanksgiving 2 (for real)

Okay, have you all not seen today’s verse of the day for the YouVersion Bible App???

For those who do not have the app or missed it out, here’s the verse for today:
“Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and His love is made complete in us.”
– 1 John 4:11-12 (NIV)


Personally when I read this, it just warms my freaking heart. Okay, go, read it again.
No one has ever seen God but if we are able to portray love in one another, God and His love will be seen through that. Urgh. So beautiful.

And I want to thank God for this verse today. Not just for me, but for anyone who is reading this, hey, show some love to the people around you this entire year!

You want to reach out to your friends? First love them. Show them the love that God has for the people. Approach with love. Speak with love.

I just can’t help saying that today’s verse of the day is just so pretty. Really if we as a community just love each other, it will slowly reveal to others that hey, we are this loving because we have a loving God 🙂

I know, today’s post is a bit long and if you got bored along the way, I don’t blame ya. But just want to thank God for you for taking your time to read this. It may or may not have been applicable to you but I do hope that God spoke to you or even blessed you with something as you come to the end of today’s post 🙂

Have a wonderful and blessed day ahead tomorrow!



1 Corinthians 1:4-5 I always thank my God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. 5 For in him you have been enriched in every way—with all kinds of speech and with all knowledge—





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