Page 6 of 365.

Here we are at Day 6 and today’s post is quite special. Why? Did you take a good look at the cover image (GIF)? Marshall and Lily drew a 6. BOOM. MINDBLOWN. You’re welcome.

It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

Miss that song? Bet you also missed out that it came out 6 years ago and it carries 2.4 million dislikes as of now.

Yeap. 6 years.
What was I doing 6 years ago…

Thanksgiving #1

Amazingly, today I managed to squeeze out a bit of time to spend it with my mum in the morning. It’s been awhile since we get to go out for breakfast and talk about life and stuff.

But, what I want to thank God for, was not only there was time to catch up with my mum, but also, the extra time my boss gave me. The thing is I needed to head down to my local tailor to collect my pants for the FCBS graduation and he graciously allowed me to take some time off to run that errand. It was then my mum decided to come along! 🙂

Even though the time spent wasn’t long, it was still pretty meaningful. Thanks for taking the time out to see if my pants still fits my waist mum, love ya!


Thanksgiving #2

No worries, we are still on this pants thingy story. I was rushing back to work from the tailor, I checked the timing for the bus and it was good, the bus arrived seconds after I reached the bus stop.


you know that feeling? That oh-dear-god moment when you realised you have no money in your concession card? And you roughly know that you do not have a lot of coins to bring you to your destination? Yup. That was it.

you know the other feeling? That moment when you hear that horrid beeping sound from the machine that might as well just make the announcement to the entire bus that you have no money in your card. Yup. That too.

All that happened in like 5 seconds stepping into the bus. Was i in a twilight zone or something?


“Uncle, to Clark Quay how much?”
“Err…”  (oh god pls, let me have enough)
*Searches coin pouch*

Lesson learnt. Just trust God. Easy.


Takeaway for today’s devotion:

Train yourself to be Godly.

Stop. I know. I agree that it is easier said than done but God did not say it would be easy.

However, the Scripture did say, be more of Him and less of yourself every day. I think that pretty much serves as a good training ground to be Godly at a certain level of consistency.

Side Note: 2 more days to graduation! SOOO EXCITED. Can’t wait! Gonna see that bunch of crazy classmates again. Sigh…  I really miss attending classes with ’em.

Well, tomorrow is the start of a great weekend! Let loose and enjoy yourselves guys! Pray that safety be upon all of y’all and have a very blessed weekend people! 🙂




2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.

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