Page 7 of 365. 

Kids these days will never know how a big deal it was to walk through the Valley of Fire to get into the MRT stations. You know the old gantries that has the red jaws of death? That sound and impact of those closing thingies are horrifying.

It’s Saturday everyone! Start of the wonderful weekend isn’t it? Oh, the weather. Splendid. Perfect day!

So today have been a busy day for me. Headed out in the morning to collect my pants (again). Moving on to Teens Xcite in the afternoon and ending off with night service. Oh, and of course supper.

I feel so guilty that today is also the first time I was late in delivering a post.

I tried to draft out a post during the supper but it was so difficult sourcing for images and GIFs on a phone. So I felt that you guys should deserve a full well-made post rather than a draft . C’mon, I know you guys would understand that right? 🙂

Thanksgiving #1

Gotta give thanks to God for pastor Khong. Amazing service today! SP today was on fire man.

Emotional rollercoaster but dayum, he still got it. Really love his sermon today. He did ended the service late but it doesn’t feel draggy at all! Urgh so good.


Thanksgiving #2

Second thanksgiving of the day goes to Teens Xcite! It was fantastic. Back to School Special with Pastor Guanghan really reminded me the days when I was younger in Xcite. Nostalgic. Kinda miss those times when I was a teen attending Xcite services in TCT. Those days we were so on fire for God, rushing down to the front to jump and scream.


Thanksgiving #3

Today I was able to spend time with my precious cell brother. He’s quite new to the church but seeing how much he has grown, wow, really want to give thanks to God for that. How God makes me mature in his thinking now just furthers affirm me that God is an amazing God. Also, wanna thank this brother for taking the initiative to ask me out for dinner to catch up, so cute.


Do you guys know I was so excited to reach home and write this particular part of the blog post? Can’t wait to share with you guys something about the sermon preached today that will really bless y’all!

“Who you are” is shown by “What you do”.
“What you do” shapes “Who you are”

Deep. Yea. I know.

But hear me out. Just like what the Bible said, “If you love me, keep my commandments.”
And it pretty much makes a lot of sense when you put it into the context:

“If you love God” show it by “Keeping His Commandments”.
“Keeping His Commandments” will shape “You to love God”

Paradox? Not so much. But it is definitely something that makes a lot of sense and something that you should always be doing, not just to keep His commandments but also, becoming accountable to God.

I really hope that if you’re reading this, do continue to love God. More and more each day. Continue to give thanks to Him for everything and give any blessings that can, to others.

That is also why I’ll continue to update this place every day because it’s my way of giving back what God has graciously given unto me. For all I know, when someone is passing by here, a certain post, sentence or even just a word, could be a timely blessing to him or her. 🙂

And yes, tomorrow is Sunday (technically it’s now). As far as it comes to the Lazy Sunday just relaxing at home, I do hope that you will have a blessed day! Stay safe, stay cute alright!





Psalm 69:30  I will praise the name of God with song, And shall magnify Him with thanksgiving.

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