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Sigh. Gonna miss that actually.

Today is FCBS Convocation and of course, there are many many things to give thanks for!

I’ve pretty much summarise most of it in Side Notes: FCBS Convocation but I am dedicating this post for a special few that really meant a lot to me and helped me in their own unique ways through the 4 months.

Thanksgiving #1

No doubt first one I have to thank is my cell leader. There are times in this 4 months I have been restless and dry in my walk that I tend to drift off. But this guy is always there to remind me why did I even go for FCBS in the first place and where my directions should lead to after FCBS.

Thanks for the constant reminders and not giving up on me this entire time. You best. You gem.

Not forgetting my amazing mentor, Pastor Guanghan. Despite his busy schedules, he still took the time to meet me and Jovyn, and we really appreciate your every effort to travel down and help us reflect and talk about our progress in FCBS. Thanks so much pastor!



Thanksgiving #2

This fella. Wa. Cannot.
Pretty glad that we didn’t enroll into the same batch of FCBS because we pretty much gonna flung the whole thing with all the nonsense we gonna talk about. But thank you for being a mentor and a friend through this walk in FCBS. Whatever that you experienced, you shared generously and it helped me so much during my 4 months.

Then again. This present just killed all the effort you made in 4 months.



Thanksgiving #3


This bunch ah. Too precious.
Thank you all for the gift and for the gracious and affirming words you’ve imparted unto me during this period of time. Sometimes apart from the crazy and stupid things we do, when it comes to encouragement and help, there’s no hesitation between us.

Funny how when it comes to disturbing amongst us, that one also no hesitation. Still, the gift was pretty funny and like I said, didn’t expect that to bite me back in the ass that quickly. Really caught me by surprise and really, hardly anyone could do that only you guys. Thanks y’all! Stay cute stay blessed ya!



Thanksgiving #4



But yea, thanks for being there in my Telegram always entertaining our conversations and I just realise we don’t have a good picture together. Do something about it please. Also, thanks for listening to some of the nonsensical rants I have in class and ya, you know la ah hahahaha okay shhhh here too public.



Thanksgiving #5


Too many to name, too many things you guys have blessed me with. Each one of you are so precious and really, thank God for every single person in this class of 2016.

I really earnestly pray that the changes that God has made in your life during FCBS are faithfully sealed and that you guys continue to shine brightly for God as He uses you mightily for this year of 2017! 🙂


Class of FCBS 2016, You May Join Back The Congregation.

It’s been a great time and I have learn so much. Is it a bit sad to know that FCBS is over? Yea, honestly yes. But we’re still gonna see each other in church and hopefully not become awkward friends!

Well, till then, continue to walk sturdily in the ways of the Lord ya. Stay blessed, stay cute everyone of ya! BYEEEE CLASS OF 2016! CONGRATS!





Isaiah 12:2 Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defensea ; he has become my salvation.” 

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