Side Note: FCBS Convocation

Class of 2016. Look how far we have come! Today, we can finally say, we are graduates from FCBS!


This journey in FCBS have been an amazing experience. 4 months of Bible Study was something I never thought I could achieve, but God says otherwise.

Seeing how God moves and works in a deeper understanding and rooted context have definitely helped us in our Bible knowledge. Not only that, seeing how God changed us, our families and love ones in that process brought much affirmation to everyone.

Needless to say, whether you’ve graduated with a CCM or ACCM certificate, we are all a part of this wonderful and precious family of FCBS. From the ridiculous diversity of breakfasts served up every morning to the long walks we need to make to SCAAAAAN INNN, every memory in TC Chapel will always be held dear!


A big big BIIIIG thanks goes out to all the pastors and staff of FCBS for making this journey memorable and awesome!

Every batch of FCBS students may have given you certain small issues but our batch seem to have the most troublemakers including me hahahaha 🙂

Yet despite having to deal with our shenanigans, the patience our pastors and staff have for us with regards to handing in our assignments and reflections even till the VERY.LAST.MINUTE. is remarkable. Not forgetting planning the other SOLs we have no completed or the non-stop reminders for any reflections that are not handed in. We will always be indebted to Pastor Kang Ying for that. Kamsahamida~

So thank you Pastor Tai Tong, Pastor Kang Ying, Daniel for anchoring this and really, we couldn’t thank you all enough for everything you have done for each student.

And to the Class of 2016, you guys were fantastic. Every. One. Of. You. Made an impact to my life in very special and meaningful ways and I want to thank God for y’all.

Seeing how we dressed so smartly and proudly for today, we walked down the aisle and took that final class picture was kinda endearing. Nevertheless, we made it and i couldn’t be more happy to have spent that 2-4 months with you guys! Well done everyone! Happy Graduation! 🙂






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