Side Note: Magdelyn Choo

– Magdelyn Choo Incoming Call –




Receiving calls from Magdelyn Choo may not always tend to be her delivering good news.
Warning Sign 1.


“Hi, eh where you?”
“Why call me for what”

“Call you cause scared you cannot wake up la.
you always late de what”

“walao i already woke up liao”

Take note that all these are in a very sweet voice.


When she goes sweet voice. Something fishy is going on.
Warning Sign 2.



“oh, okay, faster la. we all on the way already. where you now.”

“walao whats the rush. I still at home leaving soon”

“ok faster. don’t be late”

“eh must put me in your post ah. I give you morning call to wake you up leh”

-hangs up phone-

Jokes Aside

Okay other than that following detailed conversation of what appears to be “sincere” wake up call, she’s okay.

Well, Miss Choo. Thank God for you and your ridiculous upbeat crazy personality. You’ve been a great joy to be around in FCBS and of course gotta give thanks for that “perfectly” made birthday card. You were the only one that made something for my birthday last year so credits goes to you for that la. I’m hoping 2017 would be something nicer. (At least change the font.)

Still, I have too many unglam photos of you and I’m really spoilt for choice because every single one looks like a glorious smeagle.

But I decided to use this because yea, pretty much this is the exact moment the where I will regret the rest of my life. Still, I gave you a gold star for being a great friend! Good Job!


For that wake up phone call. Nah. Not sincere. Eat shit pls.

As 2017 starts, continue to be crazy and on fire for God ya! God is gonna bless you and your entire family abundantly as long as you don’t go too crazy.

Be strong and be that bear that waves goodbye to anything negative and not of God that comes by. And if you wanna feel emo or sad again, go watch that GIF. You know what.  Heck, come here.


Okay, stay blessed stay cute Miss Choo!
Thanks in advance for a better birthday card.
You’re welcs.





Psalms 62:1 My soul finds rest in God alone: My salvation comes from Him.

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