Page 12 of 365.

Sow Far Sow Good.

Yea I know, I am reusing Past. Daniel Khong’s sermon title. But the thing is, it really does apply for today’s post!

Having to see the number 12 of the date today really reminds me of another goal that I have set for myself. And that is to find my own 12.

Oh who am I kidding. Even my jersey number is 12 when I play for competitions.

Side note, I’m actually writing this entire blog in a coffee shop ’cause I know for sure when I get home from SBHL, I can’t get this to publish on time. So pardon me, for now, there will be no pictures or GIFs to entertain y’all. Just my words, the traditional form of entertainment.

Okay, you may scroll down now.

Thanksgiving #1

Today has been quite a smooth day. Got all my things done at work in a pretty fast paced. Seem to have gotten the hang of efficient writing when coming up with my articles.

Not bad. Nevertheless, want to thank God for this amazing job and boss that I have. Look, I know to some, it’s getting boring for the “thanks for the job and boss” thing, but hey, every single day waking up, travelling to work and doing what I love is just a continuous reminder that God is amazing to even provide me this job.

The amount of people who get dream jobs after their diploma is so little. Ending up in a cubicle doing administration is just kinda sad after spending so much in getting your diploma.

So yea, I’m gonna give thanks no matter what for this job and everything it gives.


Thanksgiving #2

While we are on the subject on SBHL, can’t wait for Ian and his friend(s) to turn up for it. It’s gonna be so much fun and I wanna thank God for Ian, not just for him being spontaneous but also for he himself. It’s been awhile since there’s a fresh face amongst the SBHL volunteers and when you really ask God for it, He does provide. Pretty timely too given the situation that’s happening!

So yea, chances are he wouldn’t even know this blog exists, but thank God for you and your friends Ian!


Thanksgiving #3

Third one of the day will be to thank God for giving me the time to enjoy at the Boys Hostel today. Had so much fun. Really needed this short exercise break. Spending time with the cell guys, well those that were there la, but yea, had such a great time with the guys today! 🙂

Well today is the first time I am doing this blog thing at such an early timing. It feels very weird right now that there are people behind me in the coffee shop watching me type and if you’re looking at this right now, HI ❤

But nevertheless, a brand new experience. Getting back to Sow Far Sow Good, remember what Past. Daniel said? See, Seek and Seize the opportunity.

Given what has been happening so far, I’ve tried putting all these into actions and when you start doing these 3 “protocols”, it further affirms your faith on all the things that you Seen, Seeked and Seized, you also start to practice the acknowledgement that it was all provided by God.

Didn’t think that it would go this deep eh? And this is exactly what I’m saying. Sermons are always a blessing, but to some, it may not be applicable right during then.

In this case, 31st December was the date this was preached and look, it was only today that it was applicable to me and served as a huge blessing in my life! That’s what I hope this blog would do to the amazing readers here.

And Lord knows that if you’re reading this today, right now, tomorrow or whenever it is, look back at the opportunities you see, seek and seize in this 2017 and what God has blessed you with through that! 🙂

Pretty awesome right? Yeap, our God is a awesome God.

Alright, gotta go. And look, tomorrow is Friday! Which means end of the week!
Well, have a blessed Friday while being safe and cute y’all!




Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans

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