Page 13 of 365.

You know there is ALWAYS a good thing that happens on Friday the 13th? And that is giving thanks!

Guys, c’mon this is a thanksgiving catalogue, it’s pretty obvious.

And, the next day is a Saturday, how can you not give thanks for that you monster!


Thanksgiving #1

Today my boss was busy so he didn’t turn up. Thus it was a pretty chill day. A great way to end the week I guess. Manage to hit the KPIs my boss instructed for the week. Quite happy with it. Aiming for a lil’ higher next week!

Thank God for today, ending the week relax and stress-free.


Thanksgiving #2

Quite psyched to go for a Dota marathon today with Max. Got everything at work settled before moving to a busy weekend, just so I can get my Dota vibes out the entire Friday night.

But guess what, God has other plans. Mr Sin. decided to go for Presence Night. With Zeogen side. I was like, Dood. I don’t even Zeogen when I was in Zeogen.

But jokes aside, yea, wanna thank God for this chance to catch up with Him before moving on to the weekends! đŸ™‚

Having this platform to give thanks in all circumstances really helped strengthen my faith and at least, keeping it consistently on a daily basis.

But did it work? I think it did.

What caught my attention in today’s devotion was the question to reflect on;
“How do you respond when the Lord invites you into His suffering?”

If it was 2016, my first reaction would be “Why would He even do that?”.

“Give thanks la”

Woah. Wait what. Did I just said that?

I think the fact that continuous thanksgiving has really formed a habit in me to just thank God for whatever He gives. Be it good or bad.

For me to have this kind of response today, it really is God’s work. I’m pretty sure if this hasn’t started, giving thanks in a dreadful circumstance might be the last thing I would do.

Anyway in less than 12 hours, it’s gonna be Saturday!<3
Enjoy your well deserved weekends people! Be safe and stay cute alright!
God bless y’all! đŸ™‚




1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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