Page 14 of 365.

Whatever happened to days where you can just stay in bed all day without worrying about anything?


Alright guys, I think for Saturdays, my posts will be published at 2am as I’ll be reaching home pretty late. So just a heads up for the next 50 weeks.

C’mon, at least I gave everyone a heads up on it right? 🙂


Thanksgiving #1

A sleepy start to the weekend. I guess it was not really productive ’cause I slept till mid-afternoon, but I really needed that rest. Really want to thank God for giving me a good sleep because recently I have not been able to sleep well.

Waking up was the biggest challenge today. I could have easily slept through the entire day. I almost didn’t make it for service today because I got trapped behind my eyelids and lost in my blanket.


Thanksgiving #2

Today’s main service is incredible. Pastor W.L. preached so passionately on how we should be magnifying God in our lives.


Praise. Pursue. Proclaim.


When a person has truly encountered the reality of God’s grace, blessing, and love. He will never shut up about God. That’s what I would want to achieve.
How can I be more passionate about sharing the next season of Stranger Things and not about God! Without a doubt, want to thank God for releasing this wonderful message to Pastor W.L. and using him so greatly to preach to the church.

Thanksgiving #3

I have a feeling every weekend I’m gonna thank this bunch of monkeys. Lovable, irritating and just yea..irritating. And Joshua too! 🙂

Thanksgiving #4

A special thanks to sieow ping today! Seeing his commitment to daily thanksgiving too really encourages me. But omo, his one is so pretty and colourful! ❤ Let’s jiayou and give thanks to God every day for His blessings and providence bruh!

Well, a good Saturday has passed. Looking forward to tomorrow because it’s the Camp Xcite Appreciation!!!!

Reminder to self: Bring Charmaine’s Present. It’s been 3 months. You idiot.

Hope you all had a great Saturday! Have a good long rest for tomorrow because it’s lazy Sunday! Stay cute, stay blessed everyone! 🙂

Psalm 34:4 I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.



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