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Remember Lilo & Stitch? That’s great! Seems like you’re able to remember something that happened 15 years ago! YES. 15 YEARS.


In 2017, Lilo will be 21, pretty much being Instagram famous with Stitch. And Stitch will be… actually I can’t get the age for Stitch, someone help me out with that will ya?


Thanksgiving #1

I remembered to bring Charmaine’s present. Let’s just enjoy this moment.

HAHAHAHA FINALLY. So proud of myself. Well done Ariel. You gem. You fab.

I know I was 3 months late to deliver that present but seeing that she really liked it kinda makes me feel less guilty about it hehehe 😛


Thanksgiving #2

Xcite Comm Team! Today we had the appreciation for Xcite Camp Comm team and it was great catching up with everyone again! ❤

Big thanks to every single one of you guys for making this camp amazing, especially Past. Charm and Guanghan. It was a pretty long camp as compared to the usual 3 days but we gave everything we had for the teens! Well done guys!
I couldn’t find a nice picture of us so…this will have to do for now!


Thanksgiving #3

As the week wraps up, I just want to thank God for every little and big thing that He has provided for me the past 7 days. From the meals to the bus rides to get me to work, opportunities for self-improvement and even time spent with family.

Hope that next week will be more fun, there will be more time to spend with God and love ones! So Lord, thank You for everything You have graciously given! Your Ariel really treasured them all.


Today is a very relaxing day. Mainly because it’s Sunday and I don’t like to move around on Sundays. It’s a cardinal sin really, to do that. (It’s a joke, don’t take it too literally.)

Anyway, it’s been close to 2 months since I last took time out to shop for something that I need.

Soon after the appreciation lunch, I went on a hunt for a earpiece. Because of the super “reliable” and “durable” earpiece Apple has given, my earpiece only manage to break itself twice in 4 months.

And would you take a look at what I replaced that with:

I know, it’s the prettiest thing I’ve put in my ears since a Pilot G2 pen got stuck in there a few years back.

Anyway, it wasn’t really a pricey purchase but thank God for this “opportunity”, I get to shop after so long and manage to get something this pretty! ❤

Well, after taking a break this weekend, let’s look forward to a greater week God has planned marvelously for us and I sincerely pray that as you look for God this coming week, I believe something amazing is going to happen between you and God! 🙂

Stay cute, stay blessed everyone!



Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

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