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Just A Reminder – Pitch Perfect 3 is in production! Should I set a countdown timer to December 22nd?

God, let there be a Fat Amy and Bumper wedding please. Or maybe get The Bellas to form an a cappella group and go professional, Pentatonix-style. ❤

Thanksgiving #1

Today started out tough. It’s been 19 days and this is a first for me to start a thanksgiving post with this tone.

Woke up late, got stuck in a massive jam in Chinatown and it was exhausting to hang through the day with little motivation and energy. Also, I was trying so hard to stay away from caffeine but I gave way this afternoon. It was raining and the office was so cold.

Still, that cup of cappuccino did make things a whole lot better. But what can be stronger than caffeine? That’s right! God! You guys are so smart!

I guess I could thank God in a way that sometimes human strength can only bring you to a certain threshold but God can carry you to a higher level. I really needed the energy to carry me all the way through the evening for SBHL and yea, prayer really works wonders.


Thanksgiving #2

Of course, it’s Thursday and it’s to thank God for SBHL! For those of you wondering what SBHL is, it’s the Singapore Boys Hostel!

Amazing and fun day spent with the boys there today. The laughters and the jokes, ah… really made my day.

Really want to thank God for every single residents there as well as the cell. Oh and Sam! The new guy. Yes, didn’t have much time talking to you but you seem like a great guy! 🙂


Today’s devotion is pretty interesting. Like what it states, Luke’s writing style is unique as compared to other gospels but still emphasizes the Good News of the arrival, death and resurrection of Christ to save us from the curse of sin.

And the question to reflect on;


“Are you still waiting on God for an answer to a particular prayer request?”


Personally, yes. It’s been a long time. Not just waiting but praying. At times I do get a little affected to why this prayer hasn’t been answered. But God has His plans, and His plans are always the best.

Somehow I just went on to Google stories and articles of God’s timing and I found this article to be really good. I know for a fact that I’m facing issues with waiting for the Lord and reading this helped me tremendously.

Therefore if anyone of you feels tired of waiting or questioning why God is taking so long to answer your prayers, do read this. And I’m so glad I came across this to be able to share it with you all. 🙂

Well, as we all are very clear, tomorrow is Friday! Which means END OF THE WORKING WEEK! Make sure you guys finish up all your work before heading to the weekends to fully enjoy alright?

Stay cute, stay blessed everyone! ❤





John 14: 27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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