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Some say marriage is an agreement wherein a man loses his Bachelors degree and a woman gains her Masters.

Women in da house say heyyyyyyyyyyy

No idea why I used this as a header today but it’s pretty funny to me so I thought of sharing this with you guys! 😛

Thanksgiving #1

Fridays are lovely. Gotta say today is a good day at work. Everything is at a very smooth and slow paced. Not very productive but we did get things done. Oh, and I learned what Freemasonry is. Pretty sensitive topic but it’s the first time I’ve heard of it and learned quite a lot of interesting thing about what it is.

So, to find out more, we actually went to Singapore’s Freemasonry HQ. It was freaking cool. The symbols and buildings are so intricate.

However there was this weird moment with the service desk lady. We asked what is this building about and what the history was, she was kinda hesitant to share and also, seems like she was extremely careful with her words. Apparently, only “special” people are able to get into this prestigious club.

If you guys are interested, go Google it. But first, stay with me people! I can’t lose you here! 🙂

Ultimately, thank God for such an interesting day!


Thanksgiving #2

Instagram Story thingy. Thank God for you, you little precious thing. It’s my first time using it and it’s actually quite engaging!

Previously I didn’t get what the hype was and now I kinda understand why. Still, got quite intrigued by it. Hopefully I don’t get obssessed with that.



It’s been a pretty tiring week. Not physically but mentally. What’s worse is that I’m getting sick more often than I expected.

God, please, give me ample amount of rest this weekend…

Oh, and also to the people here as well! I know it’s Friday and it’s been a long week for some of us. So I pray that as you guys sleep in tonight, God let them have a wonderful rest and replenish them with great energy, not just to enjoy the weekend but to serve You well for the weekend services! 🙂

Stay cute, stay blessed everyone! God bless and have a fantastic weekend ahead! ❤





Isaiah 33:2 LORD, be gracious to us; we long for you. Be our strength every morning, our salvation in time of distress. 



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