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I want to save up for my future so that I can afford food. My future arrives in the next 1 hour.


Thanksgiving #1

Today have been a good day at work! Managed to hit all my KPIs on a Thursday and got a few new fresh ideas for articles. 😀


Thanksgiving #2

Had the opportunity to venture into Google+ today. Apparently Google+ it’s a quite an interesting platform where there are communities filled with professionals who have the same passion.

And guess what, they have like daily verses and encouragement there for Christians! As a result, I decided to link my WordPress there and received quite a lot of response from there. ❤

Thank God for a new place where His blessings can be shared with!


Thanksgiving #3

Office party today was not too bad. The Lion Dance tho. That lion dance took so long that it became awkward for everyone.

Other than that, the food was fantastic and a great time catching up with the new intern Tiff. I’m not sure how her name is spelled but it’s “Tiffany”.

Still, it was a short little break but I’m sure everyone needed it before the long Chinese New Year break.

P.S. Their Oatmeal Fried Fish was incredible.


As we countdown to the Chinese New Year celebrations, remember not to eat too much of those junk food! Stay healthy and safe during these few days alright!

God bless you readers! ❤





Psalm 107:1 Give thanks to the Lord for He is good and His love endures forever





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