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Heads up, I’m going to ues this again for the actual day tomorrow because… well, I couldn’t find a better GIF than this.


Thanksgiving #1

Thank God for the first reunion dinner of this Chinese New Year! Of course, in the Chinese culture, we have so many reunions for the different groups of relatives and friends. It’s tiring but we do enjoy all these meetups. ❤


Thanksgiving #2

Thank God for have the opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year Eve this year. Didn’t quite had the chance last year because quite a few “events” happened so… yea last year was… tragic? But thankful to God for this year! ❤


For this Chinese New Year period, normally what we do in the Chinese culture is to bless the elders with words of prosperity.

I just felt that I could use this chance to bless you guys with this (below picture) since we’re in the subjet of blessing others! 😀


There may be some of us who are going through tough times or are in the process of making tough decisions for the next step in life, and I just want to say this, trust God.

Really. Trust Him.


You will start to realise, from that moment you take that step of faith, to place complete trust in Him, God will always be there for you.

Rely on Him. Trust Him.

With that, I pray that you’re gonna have a very special encounter with God in these Chinese New Year. So stay cute, stay blessed people!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! ❤




2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.

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