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Moulin Rouge is better than La La Land. There, I said it.

I know, La La Land is good. No doubt, but comparing that against Moulin Rouge? Please.


Thanksgiving #1

Well, today was certainly a “long journey” for me. Those who found out what happened, thank you all for your kind and caring words. Words like “Hahaha” and “LOL noob” provided me with such strong affirmation. You are too kind.

So what happened was, remember I told you guys I won a pair of tickets for LEGO Batman yesterday? Apparently, I was so prepared to go for it today.

I made plans with Geoffrey and we decided to miss a day at Teens Xcite and travelled all the way to Punggol to catch this movie. Did you know how many plans we made and cancelled for this? Hint: A lot.

Well, to cut this short story even shorter, the movie is not out till next week. We didn’t check the details properly, and turns out we only get to watch it 7 days later.

Then again, really want to give thanks to God for this time spent with Geoffrey. It’s been some time since we actually spend time with each other to catch up. As in go on a road trip or just some travelling around Singapore. Geoff, remember Kelong? lmao.


Thanksgiving #2

Today’s service was pretty awesome. After going through FCBS, you really get to dig deeper into thinking how the pastors get their entire sermon drafted out. For today’s sermon, can’t imagine how pastor daniel managed to craft it out so smoothly.

Thank God for this wonderful message today and yeap, there’s quite a few things to reflect on.


Thanksgiving #3

Thank God for letting me bump into this fella over here. Small lil’ catchup but oh no.. she’s leaving for further studies soon! 😦


Okay, not gonna write too much on this post. Gonna write a special one for ya in the Side Notes when you leave. Just so that you have something to read while you’re on the plane.

And pls, you know the FCBS people are adamant about sending you off right?

Today’s devotion is soooo simple and yet, so intriguing regardless of how many times you run by this passage.

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” When they had done so, they caught such a large amount of fish that their nets began to break.
Luke 5:5-6


I’m gonna just let this settle down here for you to absorb how amazing this short passage can be.

I think there are times, even in my own life, because I KNOW and I’m FAMILIAR with what’s going in my life, I know what works best or what doesn’t work for me. On the contrary, with God, His ways works. Always.

I wonder when can I be like Simon, when my first and immediate respond will be just to obey what the Lord calls me to do even though it may seem peculiar or against worldly views.

Hopefully soon. And I hope that you guys can achieve that too! 🙂

Well, tomorrow is Sunday and for me, it’s lazy Sunday! Time to relax and snuggle up in your bed the entire day! So stay cute and stay blessed loves! ❤




Luke 11:28 He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” 



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