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Today is… weird. Nothing much to talk about.

Must be one of those days again.

Thanksgiving #1

Guess what? Received amazing news today! One, Ian and his friend’s application form is finally cleared. FINALLY.

Second great news, Ian is able to make it for Thursday’s SBHL! I’m really thankful to God for this ’cause I was pretty anxious about asking them again since it’s been so long since the last time we chatted and who knows they might have other new commitments.


Thanksgiving #2

Productive day at work. Ventured into designing brochures and flyers for the company now. Pretty fun day I guess, and managed to finish up 2 articles! Great day indeed! 🙂


Well, today I needed to head down POSB to replace my iBanking token and it was all good till the end when the clerk asked me to check and confirm my application.

Apparently, my postal code have been entered wrongly for the past 2 years! The fact that all my mails, letters and notices from POSB have been delivered correctly to me in this scenario really demonstrates God’s grace. ❤

You know that feeling when you realised God has been helping you the entire time behind your back? It feels really really comforting.

I even tried asking the staff how is this possible and even they couldn’t explain it because the mail are sent to the location based on the address stated in the database. Indeed, God is gooood!

And you know what else is good? Wednesdays! That means it’s mid week and 2 more days to the weekend. Looking forward to it? 🙂

Till then, stay safe and blessed everyone! ❤




Psalm 34: 8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. 

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