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If you don’t check the price, you won’t worry about overspending.

That was my mindset today and I spent…quite an amount shopping today. Not proud of it.


Thanksgiving #1

Managed to finalised my second article and had an extremely smooth interview today. No worries, what the interview is for will be revealed in another week or two. It’s good, trust me.


Thanksgiving #2

Skipped out on the farewell dinner today and decided to spend some personal time with God. Good and bad I guess.

Got so easily frustrated recently at the smallest things. It’s uncanny. Every single thing I hate and annoys me ALL surfaced, and it’s only Wednesday. In just 3 days, there are so bad things that managed to piss me off, it’s got to be some kind of record.

Good news is, I strayed into a nearby cafe and spent some quiet time with my devotions ( which is weird as this is the first time I brought my devotion to work over the past 2 months.)

Interestingly, I was sure that space wasn’t conducive due to the noisy environment and distraction of food. Personally, I get distracted very very easily but during that period of time, I got pretty focus doing the devotions and having a good alone time.

At that moment, a thought hit me; when was the last time I spent real alone time with God? Yeap, you got it. It was a long time ago.

So I guess some good did ripple out of it. Self reflection, devotion, and managing my planner for 2017 were all done in that 2 and a half hours.


Today’s devotion is about Jesus finding His twelve. Even at the beginning, it is mentioned that before Jesus chose His twelve, He spent the night praying to God for it.

I mean, c’mon, He is Jesus. There is actually not a “need” for Him to pray for it. But nope, He, even as a Son of God humbled Himself before the Father to pray.

And just like the quote states;

“A prayerful heart should be the mark of every spiritual leader and indeed every child of God.”

The next part is where it gets real. A bit too real for me. As the next quote goes, “A truly blessed life is not determined by the standards of the world but according to the principles of the kingdom of God.”

Not gonna lie but there was a period of time I was chasing worldly favours to “show” the blessings God provided. I was trying to work very hard to get a higher salary and that to me indicates the blessing God gave.

Don’t get me wrong, everything that I receive, be it big or small, I recognize and acknowledges that as a blessing from God. But what was my intentions then? Was it to use those as a testimony or gain security through the worldly pleasures?

Blessing can be asked for. It can be given. Yet, one who is blessed doesn’t mean he or she is bountiful with gifts.

As the reflective questions are looked through again, I look back at January and gave a thought. Thank God at least I got the first part right:

“How often do you pray before making critical decisions? What major decisions is God calling you to pray about now?”

I do pray, especially when it comes to making decisions. Right now, a lot of sensitive issues actually.

Next, “What do you find the most challenging in Jesus’ description of the one who is blessed? Why?”

Tough question. After much thinking, Poverty is the final culprit. As real as the world is, money or finance is very important. Whenever I do something, I needed to make sure that my finance has to be stabilised and at least have some backup finance before I commit into buying or doing something.

This in turns has limited me in doing a lot of things. Heading out, getting a good meal and etc. are all things I have to turn down for quite sometime because I’m saving up for my future.

Be a lil’ more flexible? I wouldn’t let myself fall into that. I know myself pretty well, when things get a little comfortable, that’s when I start to be complacent and that’s one big issue I’m working on.

As we are working on our lives, let us focus on moving towards to be a blessing and also a blessed child of God in our walk with God. I know for a fact that I have a lot to work on to be either of those two. And I’m trying 🙂

Nevertheless, tomorrow is Thursday and as usual, no matter how your day is going to be, stay cute and stay blessed everyone! ❤




Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

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