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What can I say but – Tee. Jee. Aye. Eff.

Side note, Youtube advertisements are getting out of hand. Can I just watch my Kitchen Nightmares without any interruptions?


Thanksgiving #1

Great end to the week as I finished writing another article, and that means, I manage to hit all my KPIs. Yayyyy. Thank God for a quiet and productive day at work. It’s just one of those days when you are doing work and making great progress without noticing time passed so fast.

And that’s goooooood.


Thanksgiving #2

I think as a whole, today is just…normal?

I mean, for a Friday, usually there will be plans to head out and enjoy the night since it’s the end of the week but today, it’s pretty quiet. Actually, I would much rather prefer a quiet day.

Right now I’m binge eating my bucket of Haagen-Dazs while getting this typed out into words. It’s Caramel Biscuit & Cream flavoured by the way. I know you guys didn’t really need that info but I felt the need to tell you guys.

I got the Bee Gees playing in another tab too. I got my sweater on to fit the perfect weather now – the heavy rain pelting against my window. The perfect thunderstorm for the perfect night.

Ahh, how could be a better way to end the week! Thank God for this amazing Friday! 😀


Devotion for today: Obeying the Lord’s Teachings – Luke 6:39-49

Pretty straightforward. Walk the talk and putting God’s teachings into action. In other words:


Make every day of your life an opportunity you mustn’t miss to grow in your walk with God.

To grow in your Christian walk is to? Yeap, obey the Lord’s teaching. Do it, every day. And I’m damn sure your walk will be so much more firmer and stronger.

I think it’s great that the devotion has summarized both reflection with this;


“As children of God, we should be perpetual students of His Word who are willing to apply its principles in our day-to-day experiences. Those who choose to follow Christ must be willing to lay down their lives, swim against the currents of this world, and pay the price of following Him.”


Looking back at 2015, I wouldn’t have done or even thought about starting a Grace Catalogue. Instead, I would have teased the person to start this and make nonsensical comments on every post.

But what happened? I got serious in my walk I guess. Do I miss my old self? You bet your ass that I sure do.

Being reckless, self-seeking, doing what I want and etc. But those are just nice words for being irresponsible, selfish and a jerk.

I remembered the day I started writing the first post, all I could think of, that one thing that fuels me to keep my rigid fingers pressing down on those sticky keys is this:

“God has blessed me so much in these years. And I want to take all these blessings and give back to those around me.”

It’s just that simple. It really doesn’t matter if I had a boring and restless night or something miraculous happened during the week. In the end, all I know is – as long as I keep typing, the Lord will lead me to write something that is gonna bless someone or speak to someone out there reading this. 🙂

If my favourite past time was to comment nonsense on social media, it’s obvious I have a knack for it. The Lord sees it and felt that I could be used for something greater for Him. This is also why I decided to become a writer.

I never knew I would be writing all these tonight. To be completely honest, I felt that tonight’s post is going to be dead and dreary but look at where the Lord let me to! Isn’t it great?

Well, hopefully someone out there can be blessed by all these. For some of us who are worrying that the Lord is not using you this season, try this for a change:


  1. Take a deep breath and relax.
  2. Focus on exactly how you want the Lord to use you,
  3. Pray out loud to Him about it, visualize it
  4. Wait. God is gonna make something happen.
  5. Don’t doubt even if the wait gets too long.


Guys, c’mon. If God is able to use me, He can use ANYONE. I’m like one of those people who are the least worthy to be chosen by God to be used for anything due to my past but hey, He still did!

So from here on, it’s between you and our lovely Saviour. With that, I pray that whatever it is you want to serve His kingdom with/ for, He is going to have an amazing plan to use you so greatly and mightily!

Okay guys, remember, stay cute, stay blessed and enjoy your weekends everyone! God bless you! ❤





Psalm 27:14 Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!

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