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Fell sick today. Quite a bad day for me so I’m gonna do today’s post earlier and head to bed soon.

The only thing helping me to stay alive now is purchasing Sister Act tickets on another tab and MEW’s cover for “Baby it’s you”. So good. Too good.

Beatles got it perfectly done, no doubt about that, but when she covered it. Dayum.

Thanksgiving #1

Got my work planned out for the rest of the week and my schedule organized till the end of the month. All is good today, thank God for that.


Thanksgiving #2

You know that moment you’re just waiting to be sick ’cause you KNOW you’ve not been taking care of your body?

But still I know I have not been resting well too. Sleeping at 3-4am daily is just a toll on the body. I guess God just wants me to rest well tonight and I’m really thankful for that. 😀



In today’s devotion, one thing that got me thinking (for the next half of the day in fact) is this sentence;


“The kingdom of God is not filled with men and woman who earned their way there but with men and women who realised they need a Saviour.”

In fact, read this if you have the time to see if you could identify yourself as to when and why you need a Savior! With that, I’m gonna keep today’s devo short because I’m sure the Lord reveals to us specifically what He wants to speak to us through today’s devo and I just want to bless you guys with this:


“Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers,
and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord.”
Proverbs 16:20

Let this week be a challenge to listen and trust whatever God has called you to do, and it’s going to be a very interesting week! 😀

Well, God bless you guys and have a wonderful and lovely Valentine’s Day tomorrow! ❤

With love, Ariel ❤

Romans 10:17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

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