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Mom: Are you hungry?

The only twist is I’m hungry for medicine during this fever season. Feeling horrible…uuUUUUGRHGHHhh..


Thanksgiving #1

A big thanks for those who asked how I was doing and prayed over for me. Thank God for every single one of you, and good news, I’m feeling a bit better! šŸ˜€


Thanksgiving #2

Gotta give thanks to my parents for looking out for me when I’m sick. The TLC along with the delicious gruel and porridge is just bliss. Kinda hoping I would fall sick more often but not with the side effects of coughing and fever and flu hahaha



As I make the decision to fast (for a very personal reason)Ā from social media and online games for the next one week, guess where today’s devotion led us to? The Fasting Journal.

God works in such beautiful and timely way doesn’t He? I don’t even know how to put this into words but the timing is uncanny!

Well, in today’s devotion, it’s one of the most heard passagesĀ of Christian faith. The Light that represents the Gospel message along with finding faith in God when there are storms present in our lives.

The paths of our lives are very different. We face different issues at work, in our families, personal life and etc. But our very source of shelter remains constant – God.

And with this God who always listens to our prayers and comes to us when we call for Him, why are we holding not spreading the Good News more often?

It took me many years to have enough courage to script out a “monologue” to share the gospel with people. But here’s the funny thing.

You’d imagine sharing the Good News needs a well planned lunch or dinner meetup with a person, where there are noĀ distractions, and you would want to share it like how you rehearsed the night before.

What I found out was, that’s not necessarily how it is going to turn out. And the moment something went wrong, I would cancel that plan. Ironically, the only thing restricting me from sharing then was myself.

You wanna know what’s like to be restricted? Remember Paul and Silas with that prison wooha in Acts 16? That’s restriction. But did they back off from praying and singing hymns to God? Nope.

The more I share, the more genuine it is with the next person. Personally, every one failed person I share with is one life not being saved. Which for me, I feel that it’s my responsibility and I have to improve on how I share so that the next person I meet can be saved.

Of course, it’s still comes down to 100% man, 100% God. I know. But did you really reeeallly put in the 100%?Ā If there was a single thought of “oh, I should have done this..” then it’s a good reminder for you to take note on improving how you share the Gospel.

Okay, we might be drifiting a bit too far from the devotion. Bottom line is, sharing the Gospel, important. Don’t let anything weigh yourself down, if there are, lies. All lies from the devil. If you can share the details of the next upcoming Logan movie easily when you have not watched it yet, trust me, the Good News is much easier.

Lastly, faith. Never doubt God especially in times of trials. You were supposed to call unto God during storms because He is the only help you get! Lean on Him and place complete trust on Him. Why? C’mon. He will never fail us. That’s why.

As Thursday creep around the corner (didn’t even realised it’s nearing the end of the week…must’ve been too sick.), I do sincerely pray for everyone to have good health and if anyone is sick, the Lord will heal you.

Being sick sucks.

Well, that’s all from me tonight! God bless you all, stay cute and blessed alright! ā¤




Psalm 27:1 The LORD is my light and my salvationā€” whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my lifeā€” of whom shall I be afraid?Ā 

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