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It turns out that, those ball of sphere has a name – Spherical Louvre Spout

Look, it’s Ryan Gosling! ❤


Thanksgiving #1

Feeling much better today and thank God for giving me energy to head down to work today. Didn’t really do much because, still sick and kinda groggy from the medication. Sigh. Gotta catch up tomorrow on my work.


Thanksgiving #2

Kind of getting back my rhythm in sports. And holy crap, I finally realised how laid back I got after being away from competitive sports in the past few years.

It’s really time to be more engaged and proactive. Competitive mode is on.

But you know what sucks? When people don’t even believe I’m heading back to training. Dude, it’s just training and you react as though man landed on Moon for the first time.

Yea, kinda felt insulted. No, you know what, I feel super insulted. But it’s okay, I’m bringing that hatred into my training. Make it burn while I burn my time and ass off shooting those hoops.



Had a talk with Joel today about a certain dilemma I’m currently stucked in. Well, seems like its so obvious I have to give up certain things. But bloody hell, it’s so tough. Freaking tough.

It actually sours me up when you have to give up such an amazing opportunity. But God’s calling is greater. It is.

I don’t get why do I even have to convince myself for that but c’mon, God’s calling IS greater. But to give up everything that I could have in a career up… okay, I’m dwelling on it again. NO.

Well, tomorrow is the day. What makes things more awkward is the fact that I’m working from home. Guess it’s through the email then.

Anyway, it’s Friday people! Time to finish up all the work and enjoy the weekends we truly deserve after slogging through the weekdays! 🙂

But till then, stay safe and stay blessed everyone! ❤




Isaiah 40:31 CEV But those who trust the Lord will find new strength. They will be strong like eagles soaring upward on wings; they will walk and run without getting tired.

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