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The Trust Cost of Discipleship.


Decided to make a lil’ change in the way I structure my contents today. Let’s start with devotions for this week shall we? Do tell me if it works out better! 😀

Today’s devotion is kinda deep isn’t it? Jesus used that little kid to illustrate what greatness is, spoke in parables and, to put it bluntly, told the people to drop everything and make the kingdom of God your priority.

Seeing how the disciples are in today’s devotion, I reflected on the times I reacted the same way in the past 2 months. So far, nothing of such experience. And I pray it stays that way. I swear, FCBS really got me thinking clearer in my daily life. Thank God for that.


Thanksgiving #1

First day of unemployment feels weird. I felt carefree and secured. I didn’t feel “empty” or “lost”. Yes, I should explain it.


Thanksgiving #2

(Explaining it)

Great news this morning the moment I woke up. I received a message from Pastor Julie to drop by TCS!

At first there was supposed to be a week’s worth of break because initially she’s gonna be busy. And I was thinking what to do in this week since I have absolutely nothing planned.

Another worthy mention is that Daniel messaged this morning to confirm the timing for the FCBS booth! Isn’t is wonderful to wake up to good news? 🙂


Thanksgiving #3

Bryan is coming for service this week! I realised I didn’t mentioned who Bryan was in the past few posts and I apologise for that.

Well, he’s one of my cell brother’s friend and on Saturday, somehow God just prompted me to invite him to church and BAM, got it. Easy when God’s working hand in hand with ya.


You know that moment when spent a long time online deciding on what food you are craving for and when you check out, it says “I’m sorry, we do not deliver to your location.”

I have, like, a MacDonald’s 10 mins away and you guys don’t deliver here. Really?

Anyways, restructuring today’s post is interesting (for me at least), and I’m starting to feel fresh with where this is heading to. It may look weird now but I’m thinking of adding some new contents to make a “trend” going on here. 😀

Side note, can’t wait to head over to TCS tomorrow and see what its like over there! A new journey is unwrapping itself and really, all this are the blessings from God. So undeserving of that but He is always faithful!

Speaking of not being able to wait, today was the impromptu planning of this coming week’s Teens Xcite game and had a fruitful discussion with this Tham.

Forget the fact that we actually forgot about this game, but I guess this resignation is a blessing in disguise. If I were still working, who knows if we are able to plan this out in the weekdays!

Thank God for you Miss Tham and thank God for the divine creation of Ice Vanilla Latte. Mmmhmm, God you are GOOOOOOD.

As much as I would love to share an entire monologue on how an Ice Vanilla Latte a day would keep your troubles away, I guess it’s time to let you move on with your Tuesday!

Hopefully to those angels reading this right now, you had an amazing day like mine or an even better one. 🙂

Do remember to spend time with the Lord too alright! Stay cute and stay blessed everyone! ❤



Philippians 1:6  And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.



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