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Scriptures like today’s devotion is not en vogue anymore. It’s pretty deep and it takes a few read to understand, well for me at least.

However, the reflective questions for the devotions are as real as it can be. These questions are the ones we tend to avoid answering and putting it into actions. But if we do not practice proclaiming the Good News, doesn’t it show the world we are just purporting to be the messengers of Good News?

Devotion for today is a great reflection for all of us. Are you sharing the Good News with the people around us often? How can we be bolder and more fervent in doing so?




Thanksgiving #1

Toa Payoh doesn’t seem that far afterall! Thank God for a smooth traffic today as I head down to Touch to meet up with Pastor Julie! ūüôā

You know when God has everything soooo smoothly planned out and all you can do is just stand in awe, admiring how faithful He is?

So I guess today I went through a “mini-interview”? By God’s grace, all that I can provide (which isn’t a lot) is¬†exactly what Touch needs in this season! I’m like.. wow. God is good.

Really want to thank God for this open door. Even though I gave up my dream job (still can’t believe I did that.), God really provides when you obey. Amazing.


Thanksgiving #2

Was ’bout to enter the lift to head back home and coincidentally, my parents exited that very lift!

It was pretty early for dinner but they decided to head out further to buy dinner and I forgot to ask them to buy the fabric glue for my basketball shoes as the entire midsole fell off.

Guess what, they bought it before I even asked for it! I know, they’re precious! Parents right? Luvs.

Thank God for this pair of wonderful beings God blessed me with! ‚̧

When your card balance is low and LTA decides to use a loud blaring noise to humiliate you for not adding funds into it.

I mean, really? Must it really be THAT loud and irritating?

On the brighter note, tomorrow is Thursday and that means, SBHL! So far attendance looks good and I’m looking forward for more of the guys to meet Ian, let him kick their asses in badminton hahaha.

Also, it just dawned on me that there’s quite a lot of things coming up from Friday onwards. It’s gonna get busy from here on. Psyched? Not so much.

2 more days till the weekend and I’m doing good on avoiding supper and sweetened drinks. So proud of myself. Last week at the Thai Food was the worst. Toughest temptation yet.

I even¬†declare this to those around me that,¬†“You can say no to anything but not to the milk tea.” And I usually have 2 large milk teas over there.


“Why did you reject the Thai Milk Tea” God asked.
“I was on a diet.” I murmured.
“Well done my good and faithful servant.” God smiled.


That was the only thing keeping me¬†determined in this diet. C’mon God, you know I’m fasting and dieting, let this test be easy. Pl0x.

Okay I’m drifting so I’m gonna leave it as that for tonight! And for you guys, have a blessed and amazing Thursday!

God bless all of you! ‚̧



Psalm 22 : 19 But you, LORD, do not be far from me. You are my strength; come quickly to help me.

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