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Sermon today is great! God really spoke powerfully to me through this sermon with regards to being compassionate to the lost.

I think I got too sucked into the stereotypical thinking that the people out there who are lost and begging for money are scammers. I mean, I did met quite a few of them in my life and from there, it just sticks onto me that I can’t really be compassionate to them.

But hey, being compassion to reach out is important because it demonstrates and reflect Jesus’ heart in ya. And yea, I finally realise that why even though the chances of these people scamming are high, but Jesus didn’t bother about that.

God has blessed me so much over the course of this one year and for me to give back my time, my money to the needy is very reasonable right? And to them, a little of my resources are a huge gain for them.

It’s time to make some changes to my life after this sermon!


Thanksgiving #1

Well today I went to Suntec an hour before the Xcite meeting and I found out that I have forgotten to bring my FCBS jacket. Sigh.

However, I think it’s really by God’s grace that I was able to head home and back to Suntec without rushing and still be on time for the meeting! Thank God for that!


Thanksgiving #2

FCBS publicity campaign was kinda fun! Great to catch back up with the lads after some time. Please, for those who have received the invitation to join, do join! You’re going to be so blessed in FCBS!


Thanksgiving #3

Supper time was fun, as always. It’s really great time spend time with these bunch of lovely people every week to get a break from the stress and woes of reality. Can’t help but to thank God for every single one of them every week for bringing joy to the group! 🙂



Situation update: I’m still sick. Surprise.

Although it’s been a great Saturday, I do need to have some rest. But I’m just gonna add on something that; I’m getting a bit distracted by her. Sigh.

Tomorrow is Sunday and it’s basketball training. Yeap, I do need some rest even though it’s 3:40am on the dot.

Hopefully you guys had an amazing and blessed Saturday! Get ready for a better Sunday everyone! God bless y’all! ❤




Compassion is outward-looking while indifference is inward-looking. Compassion reaches out while indifference holds back. – Ps Daniel Khong

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