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Hypocrites. Two faced. Artsy. We’ve heard so many of these “descriptions” of Christians haven’t we? Ever wondered why?

Even if you weren’t bothered by the remarks of man, but when God say that you are, who are you to deny? If I was the Pharisee or the expert, I would have been ashamed the Lord called me out.

But they were prideful. They were exposed. They were arrogant. They even provoked Jesus, trying to spite Him into say something wrong and use it against Him.

I took some time to look back at my life, am I harboring any hypocritical tendancies in my life? Maybe. I’m not gonna say 100% “no” as of now but, I’m pretty sure so far in this past year, I’m doing everything accordingly to His ways.

However, if there’s any, Lord, please reveal it to me so that I can change.


Thanksgiving #1

Had the first staff TDS meeting today and oh my. I love this place. I really do. It’s so amazing to be working with the same church community when words of encouragement and the vision for TDS comes in form of verses.

That’s the kind of encouragement I need. When pastor Julie used verses to encourage the staff, it’s so heartwarming and settling.

God, thank you so much for this opportunity to work in such an amazing place. Really, blessed to start my work like that. I finally feel like my work has a purpose!


Thanksgiving #2

Draft out my first article for TDS. Damn, it was tough. So many research and facts finding to do. Keep in mind, it’s TDS, so every fact and figure got to be accurate because everything I write may be published.

Now, I’m not an expert in the field of biology, but I sure am complete turd in the field of diabetes. Me doing research was like going through a 7 hour course for “Diabetes 101” today. Information overload.

Still, got to thank God because prior to this, I have absolutely no knowledge of what Diabetes is, and now, at least I know something about it!


Thanksgiving #3

Thank God for His strength that was upon me today. I managed to steer away from buying a peanut waffle after work. You think I’m joking? I had peanut waffle every day after work for 2 weeks in a row last month.

Today was tough. I got out of the MRT station, I could smell the waffle. It look soft and chewy from afar. I had to pray to snap out of that infatuation.

But our God is good. I survived that ordeal. Hallelujah!



Well, today Pastor Eugene dropped by TDS to have lunch with Pastor Julie and they’re soooo sweet! ❤

I mean, it was a short moment but it feels so fuzzy when see how simple and loving they care for each other. It wasn’t the mushy kind but it was a really sincere and sweet moment. #feels #goals #whenmyturn

Anyway,I decided to updated my planner today and I realised I’m so packed with church things for the next two months! Don’t get me wrong, it’s superb, I just didn’t know God will bless me with so many activities throughout the year!

Man, God is awesome. And you are too! So have a great Wednesday tomorrow everyone! God bless you! 😀



Matthew 24:33 so, you too, when you see all these things, recognize that He is near, right at the door.

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