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I think to put it simply for today’s devo, trust God and there is no space for you to worry in your life.

The problems you have may beset you, but hey, not God. Never God. Turn ‘dem mess into messages for others to see. And just like how verse 31 has written, “But seek His kingdom, and these things will be given to you as well.”

I did struggle casting all my cares and worries to God. I did. Not gonna lie, it was difficult placing trust on Him. Him whom you cannot see, cannot touch. There’s no “security”.

How did I get to where I am today? Faith. I took that step of faith, just once. And it was a big one.

It was the healing of my feet, which happened last year. It was 2 days after my surgery where my leg was still in a cast. I could hardly walk. I needed crutches to travel everywhere.

Then, it was during one of the FCBS class where God just spoke to me before worship. “Take out the cast. You’re healed.”
“yea. right.”

Again. Not gonna lie. That was my initial response. How could that possibly happen.

Can you even comprehend the thoughts that were flooding into my mind if I actually got the cast off and my leg wasn’t healed? The number of people that is going to be pissed at me and the classmates would think I was crazy.

What was even crazier? When God spoke to you and you ignored it. It took me what seemed like forever in that moment to fight all the wordly instincts and feelings to decide to head up to that stage.

5 mins later, I took my cast off in front of the class and I was jumping.

Faith doesn’t come easy. It takes courage, it takes boldness. And yet, what drives it is your passion to take this relationship to a higher level with God. You want Him to be more real in your life? Listen and do what He says.

It’s okay to struggle during that process but in the end, just do it. My instincts goes into red alert the moment my cast is off, but God says jump. Why did I jump? Because God’s plan will never harm me.

It’s not about being gutsy or “spurred-in-the-moment”. Because I realised, if I cannot even proclaim the written word of “plans to prosper you and not to harm you”, how am I supposed to declare other verses or blesses others with the Word of God!

At the very end, you just have to trust God. It’s okay to struggle. A lot of people think if you’re struggling means you’re weak. What kind of bullshit is that?

You struggle because you’re man. The only way for you to overcome struggle is when you have God with you!

So do not worry if you have no money for the upcoming month, or waiting for test results or even just being late and you’re praying anxiously for the bus to miraculously arrive.

When your walk is stable, all you look for is Him. And when you find absolute security in Him, that’s when the fun starts. God is going bring you through every kind of scenarios where your faith and trust in Him is tested.

Are you going to put down every fear, anxiety and worry to just trust Him or yack for an hour about how miserable your life is?

Think about it. 🙂


Thanksgiving #1

Well, it’s the first of my fasting done in TDS. Everyone was so supportive of it and Pastor Julie was concerned about food being around me! I really really adore this place!

Thank God for such a wonderful job opportunity. I finally realised it’s not about the salary or workspace facilities. It’s about the positive community and wow, you have no idea how much I appreciate that right now!


Thanksgiving #2

Thank God for the first meeting I attended for TDS with TCS. It was all sorts of serious, fun and all revolved around how God is blessing all of us! ❤



A season of goodbyes and a dear one to Colin Kaepernick. Amazing QB and you’re the reason why I got into NFL.

49ers owe you, well not so much but they do owe you for winning so many games for them. I really do hope you will continue to rush down that field after you leave 49ers. Sigh.

On a brighter note, tomorrow is Saturday and there are so many things lined up! There’s meeting in the morning with my 3×3, PE Camp Guides briefing, Xcite meeting and main service.

Sunday is going to be kind of busy as well but let’s worry about that the day after! 🙂

Have a blessed weekend everyone! God bless you guys! ❤



Psalm 119:50 My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. 

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