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A reminder to what Sabbath truly means for us.

As much as taking a “Sabbatical” is what people resort to these days, but just as what the devotion has written; only true Sabbath rest is found in Him alone.

Jesus described God’s kingdom to have two particular characteristics;


  1. Growing from small beginnings to an all-encompassion and life-giving entity like the mustard tree.
  2. Similar to a small amount of yeast,  it will work its way through the world until all of creation is completely transformed from the inside out.


I think as we serve more in the community and for His people, we can actually see and even experience the truth of these 2 characteristics right? 🙂

Of course, we are an important element to building God’s kingdom greater every day. That’s also why we are called to establish the kingdom as we seek to become pure in heart and obey God’s commandments! Why? Because God expects us to arise and shine!

I do hope that my brothers and sisters who have read through today’s devotion, you will be even more convicted and determined to serve and build His kingdom to a greater height!



Thanksgiving #1

Just when you thought the plans God have for you was cancelled, and God smacks you on the back of your head and questions your faith. *soembarrassed

You know, I’ve always been here to encourage people who drops by here to never stop believing, God is making a way, His plans are the best. But during this incident, I didn’t actually demonstrate that.

I do apologise, I’m not practising what I share. My cell brothers even prayed that when one door closes, others will open and I didn’t really put too much thought into that.

Why? I guess my focus was on the wrong thing. I did, in fact, fasted so long and hard for this Encounter Weekend. I prayed that God will open a more meaningful position for me.

My passion to serve the teens have always been there and I want to give back to His people so bad, because God has blessed me so much. What I’ve gone through, the mistakes I made, the lessons God taught, all these I would want to turn them into something these teens can learn from.

Now when this door was closed. I got sad. But I do have to say, it could have been worse. Honestly, I could have just given up on everything with such a setback if this were to happen a few years back!

But, what happened?

I..stopped. I stopped my pursuit God to make it happen despite there were no more slots for guides.

So today, charmaine called me in the afternoon, telling me that there was another slot for guide being opened and asked if I am interested. Immediately, I said yes!

At this point of time, so many things ran through my mind.

I felt. Joy. Embarrassement. Remorse. Thankful.



I am really glad that God still made it happen. Indeed, if you desire the things for God and His kingdom, He never fails to deliver. God never ever fails.


I know that ultimately, God will provide. But why didn’t I continue to pray for it to happen? I often tell others to pray harder when things doesn’t happen, but for this incident, I did not do it. And why did I assume that this was the ONLY door God opened? Yes, I would want to bury my face deep into the ground.


I should have pressed on. I regretted feeling so down. I regretted showing how sad I was when things didn’t turn out how I expected it. I regretted writting the post yesterday, at how disappointed I was.


I’m very thankful that God brought me through this. A big lesson learnt.

Yes, I did not press on, and I should have.
Yes, I did assume that God provided only one open door, when there was another.
Yes, I did place happiness on man than on God.

And yes, I did made all these mistakes.
And yes, I am glad I made these mistakes.

But before we go deeper into this, I knew God was teaching me something in this big lesson. I wanted to talk to Joel about this and ask him, as a cell leader, what does he see God is trying to teach me.

I lost my 2 of my favourite pair of shoes, I lost this open door, I lost another personal thing (I will talk about this next time) and I keep thinking, what was God trying to tell me.

Was it pride?
I was particularly mindful of that when this guide thing came up because I know I can be prideful at times and the entire time, I was so mindful of it. I think that’s out of the way.

Was it about treasures of the world?
I lost the things that meant quite a lot to me during this period of time. I did lose the pair of shoes I wore for my baptism. It meant a lot. Losing all these precious worldly things, would I blame God? I also lost the other thing which meant a lot to me and that hurt. That did hurt. But I did not blame God for any of those things, not once. I did question, but I came to acceptance that He has plans for all this.


So what was it? – “Will you still trust Me?”
Ahh…that was it.


Today was the big reveal.

I received a call about opening of another group that needed a guide.
My mum offered to buy me another pair of shoes, and she didn’t mind the price of the next shoe!

Like, God is really amazing. Why?
Dude. I doubted Him. I stopped praying when something good ended. I make assumptions of His plans. I didn’t really have the extra cap to get a new shoe but I needed a pair.

Do I still deserve blessings? Let me answer that for you. A complete no. Undeserving of any blessings. And it’s because of these kind of situations, it just goes to show God is really gracious and merciful. He is still faithful, stayed by me, provided for me, blessed me.

Writing this long post is just not enough to give thanks to this wonderful God of ours. God is simply wonderful.

Thank you God. Really.


Thanksgiving #2

Fell sick and didn’t head to work today. Rested till charmaine’s call on the guide thing which made me wake up smiling. 🙂

As the day continue, I fell even more sick and I’m glad I didn’t force my way to work if not it would have affected the rest and pastor julie which I don’t think I can live with that.

Still, I got to thank God for giving me the rest I needed. If I actually made my way to work or stayed up even later, I may end up burning myself out!



This GIF simply explained how this entire incident turned out for me.

Oh, just what could get more embarrassing for Ariel? Right, he started this post at 6PM and it’s current 11:28PM.

Well done.

I got quite distracted by all that Facebook and Youtube. In my defense, there are some very entertaining media out there!

Anyways, there is still this one thing on my prayer list that is left to clear. Something I’m fasting Dota from, praying hard every night for. It’s a big one let me tell you.

God, hear your fudge out. Big fudge needs your help here. But whatever the end results are, I’ll be sharing it here. However, the results will only be out when God planned for it to be revealed!

So till then, stay tuned in alright! 🙂 Stay healthy and blessed kids! God loves you all! ❤



Romans 5:5 and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

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