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From today’s message, it becomes a realisation to how priviledge we are to receive God’s invitation to enter through the narrow door. And just like it said, the narrow door is open for those who know and are known by Jesus because of their faithful obedience.

The fact that I could be where I am today is because someone opened up the invitation to me. To know God and serve Him and His people is really fulfilling and having Him as my Lord is the best decision I ever made.

All because of one invitation. That one question to change someone’s life. How will you invite others?


Thanksgiving #1

We went out for lunch today! 😀 I’m talking about TDS. I mean, although this entire week I’m fasting my lunch but it was great fun being out of the office with pastor julie and the staff!

Thank God for a great weather and the beautiful cafe! Their egg bens look so good. Gonna try it next time!

Thanksgiving #2

Had a fun and great meeting with the creative team from TCS side! After all that we planned, we can’t wait for the upcoming events for TCS and TDS! Even though resources and help might be scarce as of now, we know we have a God who provides! 🙂


I swear. Youtube. You and your Apple ads. Really getting out of hand.

Okay, there’s so many things coming up for me in these 2 weeks and even with a planner, I feel everything is so messy. I hate that feeling.

And I’m still sick. Sigh. I’m really praying hard that God heals me before the Encounter. Coming up next is E21 meeting.

When I say “coming up next”, i meant it’s 1 hour later after my camp. That’s Sunday. Annnnnd we have Monday.

However, I’m doing this for the teens, the next rising generation! God is going to use them so mightily!

I’m gonna go take some medication and sleep now, I hope that you guys didn’t fall sick like me here! Stay healthy and enjoy your Friday and the weekends everyone! ❤

God bless you all!


Romans 15:17 In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to be proud of my work for God.

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