Page 69 to 72 of 365. (ENCOUNTER EDITION)


Alright guys, I got the hint. A few of you guys have been asking why are there no new posts and complaining that your morning commute has gotten bored. Well, you guys now are in for a big BIG treat.

Now before we get on with some flashbacks for the past 3 days, I just wanna start with a few apologies.

  1. I’m sorry for not updating this blog during the camp.
  2. I’m sorry for this very long post.
  3. I’m sorry that there won’t be any devotions for the past three days. But I did do them, that I can proudly say.


Moving on, I’m dropping in some bonus contents for you guys in the next few days;

  1. A great video of the camp
  2. A good news. Sort of.
  3. A new content is coming up. (Nope, I’m not going premium. Get over it guys.)


Just when you think the camp is only for the teens, how wrong can you be. God spoke to me. So clearly.

In the span of 4 days, 3 people in different areas of my life spoke the exact same words of prophesy to me. It was uncanny.

Now, are you ready to make your day more interesting? Here we go.


– Page 69 of 365. –


Now it was long day at work. Friday.

I did finish what I had to before making my way down to GB HQ for the first day of camp. For those who are reading for the other side of the globe, GB HQ stands for Girls Brigade Headquarters.

This year, the Encounter camp are filled with thirteen year old kids fueled by steroids and jelly beans. The energy level these lil’ monkeys have are beyond what I could imagine.

With heavy Herschel duffel bag placed on the carpet ground in the main hall, I was so eager to meet the group of boys assigned to me.

10 minutes passed. No sign of them. Only 15 minutes left till the start of the camp.
15 minutes passed. I start to wonder if I was in the right camp.
20 minutes passed. I realised the entire group of boys were at the other end of the hall waiting for me.

Well done. Great start.

Evidently, there wasn’t much time to get some icebreakers going so it was a complete mess trying to get them to chill out and do the roll call. A guide’s worst nightmare.

However, I was 2 days away from realising that this nightmare was actually a beautiful dream, a hope, a burning passion to have my own group of boys to lead. I just didn’t know it yet.

I’m not beat around the bush or sugar coat this start of the camp. It was awkward. The fact that their cell leader wasn’t around to help me at the moment, it was a bit of struggle to gather them and you know, be a leader. Especially when there wasn’t an introduction between us.

Things did get better after I promised that sweets, and only if they behave. Little did I know this packet of sweets were the key to the Pandora’s Box. But we’ll get to that later.

When Zenas, their cell leader arrived, the entire situation did improve. The amazing thing was that Zenas and I got into a great start knowing each other. Prior to this, we have never seen each other before. Yet, we hit it off so well just minutes into introducing ourselves.


Day One – Session One

The Crossing. Was the name of the first session the lil’ kids have to go through. It’s like a warmup for them to settle the mood across everyone, letting them know that this camp is to encounter God.

As expected, there were squelings and gasps as Passion of Christ was played. While the guides are sobbing away, deep inside, we are praying. Praying that these kids do realise at the later part of this camp or their lives, that what Christ did on the cross was for them.

With the end of Session One, we proceed on to supper time!

2330hrs. The second cell leader of the boys shook my hand and we exchanged names and greetings.

“Hi Daniel, it’s great to join you guys and your boys.”

With a tall and lean built, the veteran spoke with such charisma to his boys on what is expected in the camp with some ground rules. “Submariner” was printed on the back of his singlet.

Supper time was relaxing. We had our time with the boys, getting to know each other and it was interrupted with a call for my name.

“Kenley! Because your group has 17 boys, there won’t be much space in the room. And also, as the other two guides are their cell leaders, only you would be shifted to the next room.” explained the concerned Wei An. “That’s okay with you, right?”

“Yea, totally! Which room and guide would I be occupying the room with?”

Joshua was the name. Another guide whom I have never met. Thoughts started creeping into my mind. Would I drift apart from the boys as I’m not sharing the same room as them? Will Joshua be okay with me sharing room with him and his boys?

Just when I was about to be deep in the moment of transcend, Joshua arrived. With a muscular body build and thick arms, a muscular forearm was seen waving from afar. At least he seemed alright with me joining them.

Waving goodbye to my beloved Group 12, I waddled towards Joshua’s room (which was beside my group’s room) with my duffle bag and walked into a room of mayhem.

These boys were energetic! And with a short introduction of myself, I found myself into another loving small family of kids. ❤

As I prepare for bed, I receive a message. It was my cell brother. Yeap, guess it’s time to catch up with him. Oh, he’s attending the camp as a guide too. First timer for a guide.

The cares, concerns, deep conversation echoed in the dark and empty canteen. In a blink of an eye, it’s half past two. It’s evident that we are getting too old to stay up late. Hence, bed time it is.

Stumbling my way with the heavy eyelids, I finally reached the door of my dorm. Guess what? I was locked out of my room.

A swift dial on the phone and my cell brother whispered on the other end. “Dude, I need a room. I got locked out.”

He was an absolute delight. It took him a full minute of laughter before he told me there was a bed available in his room.

With my slippers off, I climbed onto a bed in his dorm. Without hesitation, my body drifted into sleep mode.



– Page 70 of 365. –

11th March, Saturday.

I made the walk of shame back into my dorm. With my hair sticking out like a split brush, I avoided the eyes of the campers with my half-awakened ninja moves.

A deafening click sounded across the room of sleepy kids. I paused, closed the door and went straight into my bed.

“Bro, you didn’t sleep in our room?” “Nah, I was locked out.”

Best morning conversation starter. Hands down.

A short moment of confusion fumed me and Joshua in the morning as we made our way down for breakfast. Before we get to that, Kai arrived. A gentle giant I must say. He’s the second cell leader for Joshua’s group of boys.

Stale burger buns enveloped a perfectly sliced piece of cheese and a cold patty. Breakfast was served. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious. Even though it could have been better with some mustard but it was good enough.

The guides strafed into the main hall. Chilly for a sunny Singapore morning. The briefing for the day start with laughters and prayers for the kids.

– Words Released #1 –
This is the first encounter for a prophesy which I would never expect in my next few days in the camp.

As the guides finish praying for the kids and the sessions, we were told to pray for each other, for God to empower us and use us to guide the kids. So there was this guide, a friend, prayed for me.

The words I caught from his prayers to me was to be as one with God, how God is going to work through me, I’m going to be His extended arm. For how God feels and works, I will feel it and work towards that too.

Day Two – Session Two

Father’s Love began with a great pour of emotions amongst the kids. It was a heartwarming sight.

Ministering to kids who deeply craved for love, warmth and physical hugs. I managed to catch a snap of a beautiful moment between the guides and their members.

Seeing this, I can’t help but tear up. I really do want to lead my own group of kids. Care for them, guide them, love them. Teaching them more about God’s love and compassion.

Day Two – Session Three

Sin. It’s the usual session where we highlight the meaning of leading a sinful life and what the consequences are. A powerful session. Short, yet powerful.

I’m not gonna dwell too much on this session because it’s the usual stuff, repentance, praying for forgiveness and renewing themselves with God’s grace.

Closing that up, we move on to lunch!

Lunch was good. Interestingly, I’m glad I caught on early. 17 boys in a group, with 3 guides, we sure ate a lot. Unknowingly, we became a financial burden for the camp.

If you would ignore that, we huddled up and had an interactive group time before the big games for this camp. Looking out to the field beside the canteen, the big props were set up for the games. The guides are getting worried.

A sneak peak of the games:



Day Two – Session Four

The best session for the kids to understand what the Cross means. Ministry of the Cross starts off with the important of the Cross.

Throughout the camp, the more I spend time with these kids, the passion I have to serve them, to be a leader grew exponentially. I wasn’t even ready or expecting such an experience.


– Page 71 of 365. –


Woke up reluctantly. It’s Sunday. The last day for the camp.

Kai rewarded the entire room with carrot cake for being such angels for the past few days. Well, at least that cheered me up in the morning. 🙂

Had another group time during breakfast with my lovely Group 12. We really formed a bond, we may not be closely knit, but we sincerely do care about each other. It’s kinda sad knowing that the camp is ending soon.

Day Three – Session Five & Six

Session Five was about the introduction of what “Baptism” is and why is it important for Christians to go through that. It was a relatively short session, but it is so great to see a number of these kids already decided to dedicate themselves for it. It’s cute.

With the session of Holy Spirit starting as the sixth, this was the biggest moment of the camp. Encounter God, being filled with the Holy Spirit.

As we get more intimate with God, we are familiar with that warm fuzzy feeling that God’s presence is around to minister. That day, His presence was so strong. Which I am really happy that so many of these kids encountered God at such young age!

Day Three – Session Seven

Vision. The final session. A great gift to embark the kids on their journey of faithful walk with God. Of course, the session was amazing. Some kids received vision, some received Words from God, some received love that they always wanted. God is good indeed.

Just as I thought this was over, my cell brother walked across the hall towards me.

– Words Released #2 –
This is the second encounter. My cell brother came over to pray for me. Guess he got prompted. With a gentle and affirming words of prayer, I received it with a hunger for more of God. “I just sense that the Lord wants me to tell you this, “break my heart for what breaks Yours.”

It was a conviction. I didn’t know what it was supposed to mean but I took it seriously.

Inevitably, the end of the camp dawned upon all of us. It was a hard goodbye, mainly because it was a hasty one. I didn’t even get a group photo with my Group 12. Sigh.

What was the reason? I had to rush down to Suntec for Empowered 21 meeting. In my camp clothings. With my camping bag. It was not a good sight.

– Back to Reality –

The meeting for E21 was quite productive. We managed to get quite a few things aligned! This group seems promisingly to be full of fun, kinda looking forward to that. However, I do have to apologise. I was completely wiped out from the camp. I wasn’t really myself during the meeting.

The hour hand ascended from 7 to 8. It was getting late.

On the way home, I was messaging a few people. At that moment, my cell brother who was the other guide, dropped me a message on how divine and prophetic the word he released was. It was during that spur of the moment when the word was released, the following worship song was Hosanna by Hillsong.

– Words Released #3 –
Now, I was also messaging another friend too. I’m just going to put it simply: His prayer was “Break my heart for what break Yours”.

I showed my cell brother this message, and he was like WOW.

As my day ends with such an amazing experience, I guess it’s back to the real world. TDS is waiting for me in a few hours time. I got to catch back up on some sleep.

To Zenas and Daniel, your cell have been a wonderful joy to be with for the past three days. You guys are fantastic! I pray that your cell will grow so abundantly! Thank you for having me with y’all, an absolute humbling experience!




– Page 72 of 365. –


Morning commute was a terror. I was late for work. Thankfully, my colleagues understood that I needed more rest from the camp. Thank God for such an amazing community!

Getting quite a few things done and lined up for TDS to have for their social media campaign set up. Pretty contended with the planning and results so far I have got ready for them.

As hours fly by, it was time for me to end work and rush over for cell.

Cell group was great today. A big news was announced. I’m still not sure how I feel about that but I did manage to share a lot with Joel today.

Managed to clear so many things off my chest tonight. I think there’s a theme to what God has been putting in my life for the past few weeks and I’m really afraid to acknowledge it. Because I know if I do, I might lose something more dear. Sigh.

I still will. I just need time.

Lord, I give thanks for such an amazing time spent with the kids, the cell group, my colleagues and with You. The lessons I learnt, I pray that all these are made applicable in my daily walk from now on.

And yes, for you guys. I do hope that you had an amazing weekend and Monday! Tomorrow is the second day of the week, and it’s still not too late to start off with asking God for a great week by spending time with Him!

I pray for blessings to be upon you all as you guys seek Him throughout the week! Stay cute and stay safe alright guys! 😀




2 Corinthians 4:16 “Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day.”

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