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Can’t say much for a Wednesday but it’s just one of those days where it’s a really dull and normal day at work.

Still, there are still things to give thanks for even when your day is dull! Let’s get on at it shall we? 🙂


Thanksgiving #1

I’m gonna my first article published in DL magazine! OMG SO EXCITED! But before that, having Pastor Julie complimenting my work is just so exquisite!

But enough of all that! Thank God for this gift of writing He has blessed me with, and c’mon, we all know clearly that it had to be God. Hitherto, I’m not writing perfectly in this blog, so for me to get something on a magazine, it’s God and His blessings!


Thanksgiving #2

I’m kinda entering into a new season in my life where everything is uncertain. I’m not sure when my next pay check will come in, where my next ministry will take place, where is my current commitment is going to take me.

And it’s all about trusting God and His timing. I started out being sceptical about it. I had a tough time pinning all my trust and future with Him.

I got to at least plan something in my life right? Yet, somehow, God assured me through all the things He provided thus far. “Relax boy, I got this.”

Well, that’s all I need to hear my Lord. I’m still learning, and waivering just a lil’ on this. I’m someone who needs to get things planned perfectly out before I can make a move onto something but God is tackling this issue head-on. Place my trust in Him and not of the world.

It’s a bold move but I’ll take it God. Thank God for such an experience and this change in my life, gonna work hard to change it!



I love how devotions actually help us in our daily walk to reflect and reveal the deepest part of us where we don’t want to admit it to others.

In today’s devotion, it talks about God seeing through all the outward behaviours of the Pharisees and through Jesus speaks truth into them. However, they accused Him, ignored Him and carried on their hypocritical ways.

And I’m glad that today’s devotion has actually reminded me to do the monthly review questions with my cell. Being and thinking that I’m behaving Christ like is not enough, if there are times where I fall short and said or did something hurtful or offensive, which I didn’t notice or take account to, I would want those people to tell me so I can change.

With that, yes, I shall start with my cell! Still, this thing might backfire, but hey, if it’s to grow closer with the Lord, why not.


“I would rather go into the kingdom of Heaven through the poor house than go down to hell in a golden chariot”
– Dwight Moody

As Jesus shares the parable about Lazarus and the rich man, I look back at what God has done for me similar to this.

If I have taken that high paying travel lifestyle job, yeap, I’ll be travelling every 3 months and I get an amazing perk while travelling, but I’m pretty sure I have to give up a lot of things in church for that.

Yet, God called. TDS. Although I’m not receiving any pay for the next few months, it’s where God called me to be. Being in a beautiful community every day and mentored by Pastor Julie and Eugene, this is the blessing I shouldn’t deserve but God provided.

Is it tough without any salary? It’s not as tough as giving up that high paying job. Hint, it starts with a “3” at the front of this pay check. It took me WEEKS to decide to trust God to put it all down. The hopes and dreams, the money, the travelling (which I am obessed with) for God’s calling.

Right now, there is simply no regrets at all. I would rather get no pay to work in an environment where the community is supportive than receiving salary and getting discouraged every day.

Ultimately, God is amazing.



Alright, I’m prepping myself for something big happening in the second half of March, gonna be a lot of fasting and praying and getting my act together.

Let’s do this. So pumped up right now. It’s 100% man, 100% God. I’m getting this thing rolling.

Well, we’ve reached another middle of a week! 2 more days to the weekend! Are y’all hanging in there? 🙂

Stay strong alright! God bless you and have a wonderful Thursday! ❤




1 Thessalonians 5:17 pray continually.



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