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Don’t you just love it when you have a super productive day at work and you don’t feel fatigue? This is what happens when you remember to commit the day to the Lord.

Damn. I got to do that more. I keep forgetting to do that.



Anyway, it’s been a really great day at work. I finished up almost all of what I was supposed to do. Not that I got lazy or complacent, but pastor Julie wasn’t around to clear my work as she’s off today.

Moreover, I managed to contact someone who conquered diabetes and feature him in the next issue of our magazine. He seems like a great person, can’t wait to interview him! This is the first time I’m interview someone formally for work purposes. Kinda nervous.

Oh, today was my 3×3 meeting with my boys. Had to rush off after work and took two hours travelling all the way to Tampines. It’s really an arduous journey. But really, for the cell I have to sacrifice. They both live in Tampines so it’s only right I travel there. So… yea, I mean Jesus sacrificed His life for us, I don’t think I have any rights to complain.

20th March 2017. I applied an important lesson I learnt the day before, from Smith and God.

I had this little dispute with a cell brother. It wasn’t that bad but it could have turn pretty ugly. What was it about? Money.

Yeap, it could have gotten pretty ugly. And now I’m gonna be frank. I’m a prideful person. I really am. I have pride with regards to my achievements, as a man, as a person.

So what happened was the conversation took a nasty turn where he got quite sarcastic and he wasn’t keen on returning what he owed. Now I really got triggered quite badly. Truth be told, I wanted to just let him have it.

I had the message typed out. I was fuming. I mean, this guy owes me money (not a really small sum btw.) and he still wants to play hard to get for a year, and get all cocky when I asked for the money back.

I was about to hit “Send” when it just dawned upon me. Out of the blue. Smith’s testimony. The love and compassion he showed. To those that bullied him, to those that didn’t like him. He showed unconditional love.

I thought about it. I prayed. I deleted the entire message.

I wrote a whole new one instead. I apologised and I tried to empathise this guy’s situation instead. I told Geoffrey about it and he said he could see the change in me. I mean this guy knows me the best. And I know myself well. I would NEVER apologise for anything especially in situations like this.

But I know what happened. I realised something. That brotherhood is more important than money. If I had more than enough for myself, I would have just let him drag this out longer or even forget about this decent sum of money.

Indeed, money is the root of all evil. I could have just said what I intended to. As long as I get that money back, I don’t give a damn if our relationship is jeopardize.

Somehow God just intervened, and I’m glad He did. I written a long message to apologise for anything that could have cause him to reply in such a sarcastic manner. I mean, he has pride too. He didn’t even reply but he did transfer the money back. Which I really appreciated.

Still, this was a great experience.


Thanksgiving #1

Thank God for such a productive day and God has really used me for this place. I really wish I could do so much more but because I’m not full-time yet, I can only be limited to certain tasks.


Thanksgiving #2

I really want to thank God for Smith. His testimony really did left a deep impression in my life and I’m glad through that, I demonstrated true compassion and priority of what the Lord wants. The relationship is more important than money. Even though the other guy may not feel the same way, he’s still my cell brother. I’ll still have to love him and care for him.

It’s ironic, I still have to thank God for this bro, because without him, I would have never learnt and applied this learning point in my life. Thanks bro!



I think it’s great and timely for today’s devotion to affirm the decision I have made. To be humble. Even if it is to humble myself when I’m being “persecuted” for doing the right thing. It’s the compassion that drives me, not the pride.

As we move on to the next part of the devotion, the reflective question do stir something in our hearts doesn’t it?

Why is it that childlike faith are always accompanied with a sigh? Are we ever “too mature” to be in the presence of God?

It’s really something to think about. Somehow or rather, even for myself, I get caught in the midst of worldly view and its thoughts when I see someone being “naive” or “childlike” in the walk with God.

Time to reflect.

Of course, at the very end of the devotion, I do miss feeling completely safe in God’s presence. That assurance and comfort, nothing can match that. God I really hunger for that again. One more time would suffice hahaha

Well, I do hope that everyone had a great Monday as I did, or even better! Do remember to keep praying and placing faith in God in whatever you do alright! 🙂

God bless all of you, stay safe and saty cute ya! ❤



1 Timothy 4:12 Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.

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