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I’m falling in love with my job and the environment but why am I always so sleepy during work!?

I do still get all my work completed for the day and take effort to learn new things everyday. But this sleepy bug this needs to be stopped!


21st March, Tuesday.

It was a pretty long day today. I did had a fun time at work today, everything went well and really got things done.

Oh oh, pastor Julie commended my article today! *envy-girl-screams* I know, there are still things to be edited in the article, but hey, its a great start! Somehow, I want to help more in the operations side too. We are quite lacked in manpower and I’m still not a paid-staff so I know, I still can’t get involve in those areas, but I sure would love to help lighten some load.

Next, confirmed the interview with one of the volunteers! So excited, it’s the first time I’m going to interview someone professionally. Heehee.

In a blink of an eye, it’s 6pm. Which means, time to head home! NOPE. Not today, ’cause something exciting is brewing up for Gkidz! Well, maybe I shall not hype it up that much, it’s just filming a short film for those kids.

Filming process was fun in pastor YL’s home. We did take a longer time than expected but it was certainly enjoyable being a part of this. Honorable mention here to Rachel, it’s her first time and wow, does she have knack for acting! Though at the beginning we had unbearable laughters going on, we did held it together pretty well at the end! Well done Rachel! 😀



Thanksgiving #1

A big thanks to God for placing me in TDS. I mean, sure it’s tough without any pay but the lessons learnt and guidance under the pastors and staff can’t put a price on that. Thank God for each and every one of them for bringing colours into my life. It’s a joke you see. I have colour blindness (deficiancy).


Thanksgiving #2

Thank God for this beautiful opportunity to film this video for the kids! I still found it hilarious that when the film needed a couple that’s gonna be bickering, the standard few names popped up.

Really appreciate the invitation to do this and of course, pastor yew lin for sending us home. Luvs. ❤


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