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It’s one of those days where you took too much on your plate and you can’t get things done in an organized manner. Urgh, I hate messy schedules.




Starting with a text that needed me to help build a big Wheel of Fortune for the stage games in Teens Xcite. Of course, with no hesitation, I agreed. Apparently I have no idea what kind of task I’m accepting but, for the kids, I will do it!

Deadline is 2 days. Wut. Deep inside I was hoping that it would be the following week’s weekend but nah, God is like, you gotta do what chu’ gotta do. Yes God. Ariel will do it.

Guess I did skip ahead a few things for this post today, let’s backtrack a lil’ shall we.



Started my day without coffee. It was tough. Well, that was because I had a free upgrade offer loaded in my Starbucks card and I recently topped it up so I’m planning to abuse this opportunity.

By now, you should know, my morning was sloooooooooow. Draggggggy. But I stayed strong. Sort of.



Today pastor Julie got prompted to conduct a morning devotion and prayer time before we continue with our work and wow, it was indeed a refreshing and powerful time. Thank God for speaking to pastor Julie, I mean, it was indeed from God because we did share things that really needed prayer and receiving supports from everyone was indeed affirming, helpful and just great. 🙂



Lunch time. I decided to leave pastor julie and the team to get my daily dose of coffee first at the further part of the shopping district. Walked a distance and finally, that white lady was smiling upon me, with both her hands held high, asking me “why did you take so long to walk over”.

The queue was long. Not surprising as if was lunch time. My patience was brightly shinning as a humbled virtue whenever I’m queuing for Starbucks. It’s pretty worth the wait when my ice Vanilla Latte is presented to me.

Now it had been a good 10 minutes wait and I finally got to the counter. I took out my Starbucks card and what followed after this was hurtful. I was devastated.

“Oh I’m sorry sir, the machine is down. Only cash. Online offers will not work today.”

Jesus, I need some healing indeed.


Rest of the day.

Well, the next 5 hours got pretty intense. I was finishing up the proposal, plan, layout for Sportify Basketball and the idea of how to make a reuseable Wheel of Fortune.

Guys, I also did my TDS work so relax.

Oh, today was the interview with a member of TDS. And wow, it was a pretty emotional interview. From how this man first got diagnosed with diabetes and how he was such a warrior to conquer it for the past 49 years. A true unsung hero.



Thanksgiving #1

Thank God for such a first powerful staff morning devotional time. Really connected on a personal and deeper level with the rest of the staff and really, prayers and relationship with God does work wonders!


Thanksgiving #2

You know, just a few weeks ago, I mentioned here that at times, there might be work to do in TDS but it get’s kinda boring fast? So I prayed and asked for open doors and boom, so many things started coming in and I was like, “okay, maybe I should asked for ONE or TWO open doors from God and not some open doors.”

Still, it was a delight to work for TDS and the church at the same time. Bottom line, serving this teens is my calling. Serving them wholeheartedly and seeing their smiles is enough. 🙂


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