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For the past two nights of late night skipping of Dota till 2 to 3am in the morning, the Wheel of Fortune did not really bring me much fortune.

However, I did have the best times building it from scratch! It really brings me back to childhood days and doing those art and crafts. 20 years later and I’m still doing it but with bigger toys!

Because I knew I didn’t have time to finish up everything, I decided to take leave on Friday to finish up this wheel, praying whilst searching for the logistics I need for this wheel. 48 hours to build a giant reusable wheel, alone. Not easy.


Tutorial for Dummies: How to Build Your Own Wheel of Fortune

Step 1: Which wheel will you be willing to pick for a wheel. In this case, I custom made a 4x4x0.9mm wheel from plywood. Thick enough to withstand pulling forces but also easy to drill through. Perfect!

Step 2: Reminder to find a way to transport home your wheel from the factory. I had to take the public bus. An interesting experience I must say.

Step 3: Get everything you need or have planned out to use. Work is about to begin

Step 4 to 9:

Step 10: Get your best mate to take a bus with you to the location so that you will not look stupid as a single unit.



Thanksgiving #1

In the wee hours of Friday night, I am finally done with the wheel. Looking at it, I’m so happy and I truly wish that the kids are happy to see such a colourful big wheel! 😀

I mean, even if it’s not appreciated, that’s alright! It’s for God and His people! 🙂 Ultimately, thank God for this opportunity to spend some time doing art and crafts again. I do miss that and seeing that I am still able to do something with art, my years of learning it didn’t come to a waste.


Thanksgiving #2

Thank God that through these two days, I manage to spend time at home with my parents and it was a good family time while they throw ideas on how to make Teens Xcite better and boy, did they come up with some good suggestions! Thanks mum and dad! ❤




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