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Yeap, you know it’s going to be a great Saturday when you got all your work settled before the weekends!

Was really looking forward to this Saturday because it’s Teens Xcite again and I’m gonna emcee again! So fun emceeing and engaging the teens but I still need to find a way to hype up them up!

Alright, got to think of a new plan this coming week! Let’s go!



When you managed to bring a 4″x4″ wheel to church from home, you deserve a medal. More so when you took public transport to church.

It’s been a long day in church today. Arrived near noon to get the wheel to church so that I can avoid rush hours and looking stupid hugging on a giant wheel. Of course, we did a few last minute important changes to the wheel.

It was then where we met a very important issue, the stopper for the wheel. Honestly, I did not have enough time to make. Spent two whole days just to make the wheel. It was kind of a big problem.

So Jovyn and I was thinking so hard. What could stop it, from where, how tough should it be and etc. We spent more than an hour on this. Evidently, we had an ingenious troublesome solution. A door stopper held by one of the particpant, at any point of the wheel he or she prefers. Of course, we had our doubts on that.

Naturally, when we saw Charmaine, we voiced it out to her. She looked at it, laughed it off and just said “Why not one of the emcees just stop it? Using hands? But you can have the particpants to dictate when the wheel stops.”

An hour plus. We thought of  “A door stopper held by one of the particpant, at any point of the wheel he or she prefers.” before thinking of using our own hands to do it. Real smart guys.

Running the stage game today has its iffy moments, not gonna lie about it. But overall the teens did enjoy the game! Next time, let’s get some background music, it would be lovely. ❤

The highlight? Stage game, yes it was wonderful, but the highlight for today was the group of boys I co-led during Encounter Camp! Their cell leader weren’t around so they asked me to help them debrief and have dinner with them! These boys are just precious.

You know, spending time with these teens just make me want to have my own group of boys soon. I have no idea how it is going to happen. Absolutely no clue. All I know is, I want to lead a group of boys, know their lives, walk with them through it in the ways of the Lord. Teach them, help them and guide them.

That thought was the only think hovering my mind during service.

Main service. 2 new faces, hallelujah! Thank God for these two peaches. Although they didn’t join us for debrief, they are indeed a joy to talk to.

Sermon. Strong and powerful. Just as what the cover picture shown;

“If God says it. I say it. God will do it.”

It’s such a simple statement but carries so much weight doesn’t it. With as much importance placed upon purity (which is the main sermon point), I find the above statement so impactful.

As I reflected upon this, God brought me back to what He challenged me during the Encounter Camp. “How much more can you sacrifice to serve the people?”

Gotta admit, it’s damn tough. And every time I drop something, I give up something to serve our God more, I still think it’s not enough. But I’m afraid I can’t handle it if I keep giving up.

The most recent is working in TDS. Giving up my dream job for it is one thing, but when God calls you to go there, you go. With or without salary. Until June.

I know God will provide. God I trust you.

And guess what, pastor Eugene’s sermon ended with these reflective questions:

  1. Why did they give up so much for so little?
  2. Why did they give it up after working so hard
  3. What would make them compromise for their dreams?
  4. What in the world would make them do this?


Me? I gave up because I trust where He placed me. I think with the affirmation that the TDS staff also told me that I was literally the missing piece they need for their team, it’s good enough.

I scored the interview. 3.1k SGD a month, travel expenses paid for, once every 3 months. I looked at the application. I looked at God.

I chose God. True joy is not found in the riches of this world but in God. Not getting paid for months, it’s insane. I know. Trust me, I don’t even know how I’m going to survive, but He has been providing me so far with just enough to live by. With that, I’m so grateful.

What made me do this? Simple. He never fails. He is always faithful.

Trust me, this God, is amazing. If you’ve never given your life to Jesus, you’re missing out so much. Really, He is always faithful. 🙂



Thanksgiving #1

First up, thank God for this opportunity and chance to put my hands into good use again in making this wheel! It’s been a fun and amazing two days, even though I look stupid bringing it on public transport.


Thanksgiving #2

Next, got to thank God for Geoff for accompanying me to Suntec and Jovyn for taking his time to emcee with me and help out with the wheel stopper “solution”. You guys are fantastic!


Thanksgiving #3

Thank God for allowing me to spend time with the teens, I mean, their not my members but I do care for them. Really, catching up with them just a lil’ while like that is enough. 🙂



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