Page 85 of 365.


Getting a lil’ bit overwhelmed recently… I NEED A DRINK. WHERE THE UNICORN THAT SAYS WANT TO DRINK?! *hint hint



It’s a pretty boring Sunday for me. Stayed at home the entire day and finished up quite a number of things I left hanging during the week.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I get so tired and lazy returning back to complete work that I left out. Nevertheless, it’s still work and I have to finish them up before a new week begins!

On the bright side, heading out with the unicorns on Monday! It’s been too long, not because we forgot but we were too busy! These two are really a special bunch ya know. But finally, gonna head out before the present expires!



Thanksgiving #1

Thank God for this short break to be at home, finish up all my work. I kind of needed it so that Monday I’m free to head out with the Unicorns so everything works out pretty well eh. 🙂


Thanksgiving #2

Ever since I get more cravings for eggplant dishes, my dad have been cooking up more of them. Really, thank God for such a great man. What makes it better is when he shows love through food. Forget about hugs, give me more food dad!


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