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HIII MISS CARYN! HOPE YOU ENJOYED YOUR PRESENT! Still cannot believe you two haven’t been to a gold class theatre. You two lived under the rocks for too long, let this unicorn bring you out and explore the world hahaha




Went into the office feeling tired. I was kinda wiped out the night before, not really looking forward heading to work feeling so downcasted.

Pastor Julie wasn’t around today so it was.. quiet in the office. Samantha wasn’t in too. So, the office was quiet. I tried to make some jokes but it didn’t really pan out as well as I thought so it got awkward which made the situation worse. Hey, at least I tried.

Still, my day was filled with work and the chat groups I have. Eugene and Shah’s, the Unicorns and my cell’s. These conversations really did made my day better!

Meanwhile, the unicorns are planning where to seat and what time do we meet and the timing for the film. After countless weeks, we finally settled down for this. Wayyyyy too long.

Fast forwarding the day, we got into the lounge and these two silly girls are already to get some food orders delivered to them. This is bad, they got used to luxury and pampering so fast. Oh no.

Anyway, their face instantly lit up and they were so happy when they realised they’re going to be on recliners for the next two hours. But what they didn’t realised was they had blankets.

So throughout the entire movie, they were like:

While the rest of the theatre including me:

It was fantastic. Okay, at least they brought the complimentary blankets home to experience what it could be like. Give them some credit. They’re my unicorns alright! 🙂

Well, today it’ll be just one big thanks to God for getting to know them just a year ago. We just found ourselves into this weird but connected unicorn club and it’s just a special bond. Thank God for the both of you for being such great friends and the time you both give for the teens and ministry is just impeccable.

Alright, not gonna get all sissy and mushy here, happy to see you both enjoyed this very first gold class experience! 😀


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