Ariel. 23 in age. Decided on 31st December 2016 that he should start blessing and encouraging the people around him.


It doesn’t matter where you may be, or how old you are. He feels that everyone should be blessed in some form or another.


Thus, a catalogue is borned. This is where the author spreads joy and blessings to all readers who lands here by “accident” in the next 365 days.


Every Thanksgiving post is an opportunity for the author to give thanks to God and spreads His love to the community in WordPress. Side Notes are just random yet interesting events that happened in the year of 2017.


If you have wandered here unknowningly, he hopes that you might just stumble onto a special post that could bring a timely blessing, joy and encouragement into your life!

Well, go on. Continue to read and venture through this catalogue!

Have fun! God bless ya!